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Adonis Blue (Polyommatus bellargus)


Adonis Blue

The Adonis Blue is a small to medium size butterfly best seen in flight during the summer months, i.e., between May and September. They are known for their amazingly bright blue coloration found only in the males of the species.

Scientific Classification

  • Family: Lycaenidae
  • Genus: Polyommatus
  • Scientific Name: Polyommatus bellargus

Description and Identification


Adonis Blue Caterpillar

The body of the larva is dark green bearing dark spines along with bands in yellow along its back, as well as in both the sides. It can reach a maximum length of 1.6 cm and overwinters as a caterpillar.


Adonis Blue Pupa

The chrysalis is light green in color and turns light brown to beige, as they age.

Adult Butterfly

Sexual Dimorphism: Distinctly present

Color and Appearance: When the wings are open, the males show a bright blue hue bordered by a thin white line whereas the females have a brown coloration that gradually turns blue towards the body, as also, with crescents in orange towards the wing tips. When the wings are closed, both the sexes display a pale brown coloration accompanied by black spots and orange crescents.

Male Adonis Blue
Female Adonis Blue Butterfly

Average wingspan: Around 3 cm (1.2 in)

Flight pattern: Fast and erratic; flying low over vegetation


Adonis Blue Eggs

Bright white in color with a round shape and a rugged body and a small depression at the center, laid one at a time

Quick Facts

Distribution Central, Southern, and Western Europe, South of Russia, Iraq, Iran, Caucasus, Transcaucasia, and Turkey
Habitat Prefers flowery hillsides on limestone and chalk downlands, and in warm sheltered spots
Host plants Horseshoe Vetch (Hippocrepis comosa)
Adult diet Flower nectar

Did You Know?

  • The butterfly gets its name ‘Adonis’ from a beautiful young man with the same name, the mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology
Polyommatus Bellargus
Adonis Blue Butterfly
Adonis Blue Butterfly Habitat
Adonis Blue Butterfly Images
Adonis Blue Butterfly Pictures
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Scientific Classification

  • Family: Lycaenidae
  • Genus: Polyommatus
  • Scientific Name: Polyommatus bellargus
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