Types of Butterflies in Florida

About 160 butterfly species are native to Florida, while around 200 species migrate through the state. The bright yellow cloudless sulfur and the Gulf fritillary are the most commonly observed, whereas the migratory monarch butterfly is usually seen flying across the state’s Gulf Coast. The butterflies in Florida are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in North America.

Zebra longwing (Heliconius charitonius) has been the state butterfly of Florida since 1996.

Butterflies in Florida (FL)

Brush-Footed (Nymphalidae)

Gossamer-Winged (Lycaenidae)

Whites and Sulphurs (Pieridae)

  • Southern Dogface (Zerene cesonia)
  • Sleepy Orange (Eurema nicippe)
  • Orange-barred Sulphur (Phoebis philea)
  • Little Yellow /Little Sulphur (Eurema lisa)
  • Great Southern White (Ascia monuste)
  • Dainty Sulphur (Nathalis iole)
  • Cloudless Sulphur (Phoebis sennae)
  • Barred Yellow /Barred Sulphur (Eurema daira)
  • Checkered White (Pontia protodice)

Metalmark (Riodinidae)

  • Little Metalmark (Calephelis virginiensis)

Swallowtail (Papilionidae)

Skipper (Hesperiidae)