When is the Butterfly Season

When do they Come Out

Although summer is the season of maximum activity for most butterflies, the butterfly season tends to vary depending upon which part of the world a particular species is found. For instance, the butterfly activity peaks during the summer (between July and August) in New England, while it is in autumn and winter (between March and July) in South Africa. In the Dominican Republic, butterflies are spotted throughout the year with the butterfly season extending between April and November. In the U.K., most butterflies come out during the warmest and sunniest summer days (starting from June to August), while in Australia, they are seen in abundance during summer months (between December and February).

Common Butterfly Species and their Season of Maximum Activity

SpeciesButterfly Season
West Virginia WhiteSpring
Spring WhiteSpring
IslandMarble ButterflySpring
Silvery BlueSpring
Streamer-winged, Zebra Swallowtail Spring
Painted LadySpring
Red AdmiralSpring, Early Summer
American LadySpring
Pearl CrescentSummer
Tailed BlueSummer
Cloudless SulphurLate Summer, Fall
Great Spangled FritillarySummer
Migratory MonarchSummer
Mitchell’s SatyrSummer
TortoiseshellLate Summer, Fall
Question MarkFall
Leonard’s SkipperFall
Red-bordered SatyrFall

Interesting Facts

  • October to early March is the butterfly season in California, with butterfly species like Monarch and Painted Lady are spotted migrating to the central and southern parts of the state.
  • In Arizona, butterflies like Admirals, Fritillaries, and Emperors are spotted in fall (from October to mid-December), which is the butterfly season of the state.
  • In Ohio, butterflies are most commonly sighted in the late summer.