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Diana Fritillary (Speyeria diana)

Diana Fritillary Butterfly cdn.butterflyatlas.org

The Diana Butterfly or the Diana Fritillary is a species of bright orange butterflies found in parts of the North American continent, especially in the Arkansas valley.

Scientific Classification

  • Family: Nymphalidae
  • Genus: Speyeria
  • Common names: Diana Butterfly
  • Scientific Name: Speyeria diana

Description and Identification


Diana Fritillary Caterpillar encyclopediaofarkansas.net

The insects hatch out before winter and consume the host plant’s leaves. It is either completely black or blackish brown with yellow dots and lines of thorny projections on the dorsal side.


Diana Fritillary Pupa cdn.butterflyatlas.org

As the winter arrives, the caterpillar burrows directly into the ground and transform into a black to brown-black chrysalis to emerge as an adult butterfly in spring.

Adult Butterfly

Sexual Dimorphism: Distinctly present

Color and Appearance: While the male butterflies have broad orange borders at the outer edges of both the forewings and the hind wings when they are open, and burnt orange color when closed, the females exhibit a dark blue coloration on the dorsal side of their wings and almost a dusty grayish hue on the ventral side. Also, by size, the female of the species is larger than the male.

Diana Butterfly cdn.butterflyatlas.org

Diana Fritillary cdn.butterflyatlas.org

Average wingspan: 3 7/16 to 4 7/16 inches (8.7 to 11.3 cm)

Flight pattern: Fast


Yellowish to pale white in color, laid one at a time. These butterflies have a unique characteristic of scattering their eggs at the base of the violet plants (instead of laying them on the leaves, like most other butterfly species).

Quick Facts

Distribution Southern and eastern North America
Habitat Sunny wooded areas, forest edges
Host plants Leaves of plants from the violet (Violaceae) family
Adult diet Flower nectar and dung

Did You Know?

  • Arkansas designated the Diana fritillary as its state butterfly on February 28, 2007.

Diana Fritillary Female terra4incognita.files.wordpress.com

Diana Fritillary Host Plant cdn.butterflyatlas.org

Speyeria Diana i.pinimg.com

Diana Fritillary Range abirdshome.com

Female Diana Fritillary Butterfly marylandbutterflies.com

Male Diana Fritillary c1.staticflickr.com

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