Butterfly Habitat

Where do Butterflies live

Butterflies are found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica. The diverse natural habitats that sustain different butterfly species include mangrove forests, salt marshes, wetlands, lowlands, grasslands, dunes, and mountain zones. Bare ground and rock surfaces host lichens that are eaten by butterfly larvae. There are some species, such as the Elada checkerspot and Empress leilia, that can even survive in harsh deserts.

Butterfly Habitat

Where do Butterflies Sleep at Night

Butterflies do not sleep, but they rest at night with their eyes open. While moths remain active at night, butterflies usually hide themselves amid the foliage. They crawl deep into rock crevices or between the blades of grasses or hanging down from the underside of leaves and twigs.

Where do they go When it Rains

Butterflies take shelter when it rains because a wet and cold butterfly cannot fly. They need to keep their body temperature more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to fly. Therefore, they tend to hide under leaves, crawl down under rocks, or sit on bushes or grass stems with their wings held tightly.

Interesting Facts

  • The number of species in a particular habitat depends on the weather and availability of food sources.
  • Butterflies also remain inactive when it is cold and cloudy during the day.