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With over 20,000 species all over the world, it is not always easy to recognize a butterfly species on sight. Their playful flight patterns don’t help the case either. So, here you can check out complete profiles for thousands of butterflies to make it easier to identify the one you may have seen in your garden. Browse through and find out about all the common butterflies, their caterpillars, and pupas.

Who are we?

Toby Vaughn

Toby Vaughn Toby Vaughn is a butterfly addict with a degree in ecology.  She has been studying the migration patterns of North American monarchs for over 10 years and is considered an expert on the subject. .
Matthew Gibson

Idan BaranesMatthew Gibson is a true Environmental activist and web developer. After traveling to many butterfly farms around the world and spending more than five years researching these delicate creatures, he has become an expert in the field. He hopes to use this knowledge to help protect butterflies and their habitats from destruction.

At ButterflyIdentification.com we help everyone with identify any butterfly. You can also contact us and share pictures of butterflies , and we will try and identify them for you as soon as possible.


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