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Aphrodite Fritillary (Speyeria aphrodite)


The Aphrodite Fritillary is a species of North American butterflies that are seen flying between May and July. Found in seven local subspecies, it is often confused for a similar-looking species called Great Spangled Fritillary. Aphrodite fritillaries have a relatively longer life than many other species.

Scientific Classification

  • Family: Nymphalidae
  • Genus: Speyeria
  • Scientific Name: Speyeria aphrodite

Description and Identification


Aphrodite Fritillary Caterpillar

The mature larva is brownish-black in color bearing brown spines. The dorsal side of the head is light orange, whereas the ventral side is black.


The chrysalis is brownish black in coloration and has yellow wing cases. The abdomen region is gray and has spines.

Adult Butterfly

Sexual Dimorphism: Not present

Color and Appearance: When the wings are open, the dorsal side displays several rows of black dots or chevrons at the edges of the wings and some black or brown lines more proximally. When the wings are closed, the ventral sides also exhibit an orange base coloration with s few rows of white dots.

Average wingspan: 51 to 73 mm

Flight pattern: Average pace with erratic flaps


Reddish brown in color, and laid one at a time on the leaves of violet plants

Quick Facts

Distribution Throughout North America
Habitat Humid prairies, openings in barren lands, high mountain meadows,brushland, dry fields, open oak woods, and bogs
Lifespan of adults Probably lives for about one year
Host plants Mainly the leaves of plants belonging to the violet family
Adult diet Flower nectar; also known to feed on dung

Did You Know?

  • The species exhibits a ‘solar positive’ strategy of thermoregulation by flying towards the sunlight to maintain or regulate the temperature of the body.
Male Aphrodite Fritillary
Female Aphrodite Fritillary
Aphrodite Fritillary Host Plant

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