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Red-banded Hairstreak (Calycopis cecrops)


Red-banded Hairstreak

The Red-banded Hairstreak is a species of medium-size butterflies known for their uncomplicated, simple coloration, and are found in selected regions in the United States. In some parts, they are seen around the year within their range, while in the others, between April and October.

Scientific Classification

  • Family: Lycaenidae
  • Genus: Calycopis
  • Scientific Name: Calycopis cecrops

Description and Identification


Red-banded Hairstreak Caterpillar

The mature larva has a dull gray-brown color with a thin olive green line running across the middle of the body. The body is segmented, with each segment bearing a faint, dark dot on both the ends.


Red-banded Hairstreak Pupa

The chrysalis is light brown with dark irregular spots all over. The upper part tends to be thinner than the thick and segmented lower part.

Adult Butterfly

Sexual Dimorphism: Not present

Color and Appearance: When the wings are open, the upperside displays a light brown coloration while the hindwings gradually turn blue. When the wings are closed, the underside exhibits a grayish brown hue with a white postmedian line on each of the wings edged with bright reddish orange. They also have two tail-like growths on the hindwings.

Male Red-banded Hairstreak
Female Red-Banded Hairstreak

Average wingspan: 0.9–1.25 inches (23–32 mm)

Flight pattern: Fast, yet erratic


Red-banded Hairstreak Eggs

Laid singly on the backside of fallen leaves, close to the host plants

Quick Facts

Distribution Southeastern United States
Habitat Forest edges, densely-vegetated fields, coastal hammocks
Lifespan of adults Unknown
Host plants Prefers fallen leaves of sumac species, but also other trees
Adult diet Flower nectar

Did You Know?

  • The caterpillar of the species is often confused for brown slugs.
Red-banded Hairstreak Butterfly
Calycopis Cecrops
Red-banded Hairstreak Images

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Scientific Classification

  • Family: Lycaenidae
  • Genus: Calycopis
  • Scientific Name: Calycopis cecrops
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