Poppy Glendening (M.Sc ,BSc)

I’m an entomologist and conservation biologist holding an MSc in Zoology from the University of Sussex. My expertise lies in trophic interactions and the preservation of at-risk species. I’ve tackled challenging fieldwork in remote, demanding environments, displaying adaptability and resilience. Proficient in software like RStudio, GIS, and SPSS, I employ them to analyze data and develop diverse statistical models for research. Read More About Poppy Glendening >>

Kamehameha Butterfly
Orange Oakleaf Butterfly
Great Purple Hairstreak
Fender's Blue Butterfly
Green Dragontail Butterfly
Gulf Fritillary
Common Blue Butterfly
Mission Blue Butterfly
Purple Hairstreak
Dappled White Butterfly
Common Map Butterfly
Long-tailed Skipper